Effects of skin bleaching

Women are well known for wanting to maintain a perfect figure when it comes to their physical appearance. Over the years the need to look better has grown and now we see black women mostly engaging in some dangerous way to achieve the look they desire. Specifically looking at the issues to do with skin bleaching it’s a risk that people take just like those playing Online Casino USA. 

This is the lightening of one’s skin using different methods which include soaps, pill or cream. This may be prescribed by an expert or not. Women or men engage in such they only look at the benefits of it and forget to look at the demerits.



skin bleaching effects
skin bleaching effects

Health problems caused by skin bleaching

In the earlier years of skin bleaching, one may not realise the danger they are imposing on themself. People who engage in skin bleaching do not have enough information on the creams or pills they use for bleaching.

You can suffer from several diseases because of bleaching. You can suffer from dermatitis which is caused by mainly the lack of melanin in your skin.

Symptoms of this disease include skin ulcers, itching, skin redness and scaly skin. In addition, diseases like exogenous ochronosis, steroid acne and nephrotic syndrome are results of skin bleaching.

These problems result in the continuous use of bleaching products that contain a lot of chemicals that disturb the production of melanin in one’s skin.


Bleaching also causes poisoning is kidney failure. Furthermore, the pills used for skin bleaching that people take contain mercury. Mercury is one of the most dangerous substance a human being can come in contact with.

Allergic reaction

Since your skin won’t be having the amount of melanin needed to protect you from different substances that you may come in contact with, you will see that you will start to experience allergic reactions.

Symptoms include rash, swelling and itching. The skin has a thin layer that protects it from other chemicals you come in contact with. If then you use bleaching creams that layer will be disrobed meaning that you will not be protected.

The same layer that protects you from the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun. losing the stratum corneum caused by the use of skin bleaching products will expose you to this

It is dangerous to make use of these products if you do not know the side effects. It is advisable for people to maintain their natural skin.