Causes of multiple births

Being pregnant is such a blessing and most people believe that children are a blessing from God. itis not everyone that can conceive due to various reasons but for some, they are blessed when they have multiple births.

That’s just amazing to carry more than one life in your womb at once. Experts have tried to find out what causes multiples. Multiple births are such a win for others just like winning in real money casinos.




multiple pregnancy

Egg fertilization in multiple births

Fertilization of more than one egg during sexual intercourse. Chances that you will be having twins are high in this case.

Fraternal twins are a result of this. This occurs when two different sperms fertilize two different eggs.

The sperm can fertilize one egg and the egg splits into two. Obviously, you will have identical twins in this case and your children will share the exact same genes.

Age as a cause of multiple births

According to experts having children at an older age of above 30 years is also a reason for one to have multiples. nowadays women have stepped into the corporate world and are getting married at a later stage in their lives after they have established their careers. At that age, you will probably carry twins or more.

Family history

It is believed that if there is a twin gene in your family either from the mother’s side or the father’s side you will also probably carry a pregnancy of multiples.


There are so many ways that people are now being used to increase ovulating hormones. Medicines being used for these hormones result in the production of more eggs which may then be fertilized at the same time resulting in multiple pregnancies.


It is believed that worldwide there are some races that have come tops when it comes to multiple births. The race that has the highest rate is the African -American race.

Infertility treatment

Usually in the past when someone failed to conceive there was nothing that was done unlike nowadays there are so many solutions that one can seek so as to become pregnant. some of the infertility treatments include when more than one embryo is transferred to the womb so as to cover up for the time that one could not get pregnant. This sort of treatment will result in one having multiples.

As much as it is exciting to have multiple births at once it is a risk that needs to be taken with caution.